1. T

    2018 Honda Accord / Voltage regulator / 14.4v

    I'm a newb when it comes to power so forgive me... :) Thanks in advance! 1.) Is there a way to bypass the voltage regulator so the alternator chargers 100% of the time without a CEL? Right now I have to drive with my lights on which isn't the end of the world but figured I'd ask. 2.)...
  2. Tony187soundpro

    Foose f150 project

    Roush supercharger 22'' foose chrome rims Carriage Works brushed billet grill Elite tonneau cover ZeeZ underbody led multi color glow kit Black horse racing electric exhaust cutout Crown suspension rear lowering shackles Eibach coil springs and leaf springs AVS blackout taillight covers...
  3. G

    Avalon 2 10s 145+ @37hz

    The Set Up (Keep in mind I'm 17, in school, have a part time job, and pay my car insurance and gas, so everything I have has been done with my money, and installed Personally) ::: - 2 American Bass XFL 10s D4 - Had and AQ2200 but Now Have a American Bass 200.1 - Rockdfosgate T1 Mids/Highs -...
  4. tundra1221

    help me upgrade :) dc alt and xs batt

    ok im gonna be running a 2 SPLaudio zv3 18's on a cadence c5 at 1ohm before rise, and walled in a civic coupe. Got some monies and would like a dc alt and xs batts. how big of a alt should i look for and how many amp hours should i be lookin for?
  5. Ninesvnsicks

    XSPower Terminals?

    Hi I am about to order an XSPower D3400 for my 97 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo L6/4.0 I checked the height width and length of my current battery and it's the one that matches it closest however there are 2 sets of top mount terminals for it the 580 Short and the 586 Tall the tall says its for 925...
  6. Ninesvnsicks

    XSPower Terminals?

    posted in wrong forum please delete thanks.