1. S

    Building 1st box.. 2 12" XFL's on a Phantom 4000md

    I want to go with something that will have the least amount of rattle in my trunk.. I've already put a layer of sound deadener in my trunk and trunk lid.. Now all that rattles is my bumper and roof.. Anyway.. I wanted to go with subs face up and ported into trunk.. or even ported into the cabin...
  2. JayDubb757

    AB XFL 12 Enclosure

    I'm building a box for @rebelfromva Ram-designs.com designed it. It will be for an American Bass XFL 12. The box is going to be 2.45ft^3 tuned to 33hz   ---------- Post added at 08:16 PM ---------- Previous post was at 08:15 PM ----------   More Pics I'll finish it up...