1. Umejia1

    COMPLETED Morel MW9 Elate Titanium Woofer and Hertz Amplifiers

    SUBJECT: (2 available) Hertz HCP 1DK, Hertz Mille Power 4, HCP 4D Amplifiers & Morel Elate Ti MW9 Woofers ITEM BRAND & MODEL #: (2) Hertz HCP 1DK Mono Amplifier, Hertz Mille Power 4, 4 Channel Class D Amplifier, Morel Elate Ti MW9 8.75” Woofer CONDITION: Brand new, in box PRICE: Hertz HCP1DK...
  2. O

    I Know Nothing and need help

    Helloooooo Just to be clear i literally know nothing about car audio installations and i need help so i came here. I have a renault clio hatchback 2007 and i am wishing to install the skar audio spx-65c component system to the vehicle i dont want it to be runnning very loud, so i would like...
  3. badazzinky

    2 15" Shocker Sigs Fresh recones

    Item(s) for Sale: I have 2 15" shocker sig subs for sale Item(s) Description/Condition: both subs have fresh drop in recones (done 3 days ago) that were built by shocker mike for these subs, they have SPL suspension packs (stiff), there dual 1.4 ohm coils and are tight gap subs. they have 3'...
  4. Front Doors  9 inch Morel Mid Base Woofers

    Front Doors 9 inch Morel Mid Base Woofers

    Morel 9" mid base
  5. T

    need speakers for my 98 contour

    ok so I have two 6x8 kenwood 3-ways (kfc-c6882ie) my car has four 6x9 speakers in the doors i want to use the kenwoods to save some money. so i wanted some opinions on what kind of speaker i should get to complement them also should the kenwoods go in front or back. just to get an idea I was...
  6. trailshunn

    mount woofers on outside of the trunk

    Hello, i plan on taking a 1990 Chevy Caprice (Box Chevy), and cutting four holes on the trunk as if i am cutting holes inside of a box. When i drop the subs in and screw them down, they will therefore be flush with the trunk as if you are looking at a speaker box. Yes, i plan on damaging this...
  7. A

    Anyone who knows how to fix voice coils

    Item(s) for Sale: I have plenty of burnt out subwoofers for sale, 3 JL AUDIO 12w6 (one of them might actually still work) and two 1000watt SoundXtreme subs i also have 2 sub boxes for sale, one triple 12 sealed box and one dual 12 box bandpass (glass in front) Item(s) Description/Condition...
  8. Raamat


    I covered the back window of the Tundra insideand out and all the corners/sides. It really reduced the vibrations!