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    I am going to install my subwoofer in bridge mode to my amp but i am confused as to what should i use RCA OR HIGH LEVEL INPUTS, currently my 4 channel amplifier is running front and rear speakers on separate front and rear channels but i wish to run the rear speakers direclty off the headunit...
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    Hardwiring an inverter into an audio system circuit?

    Whenever I can get my hands on a 2022 Subaru BRZ, I plan on installing a custom audio system before I drive it from sea to shining sea next summer (moving from New Hampshire to Arizona). I would like to hardwire an inverter inside, to have that added security and convenience for the trip (and...
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    Wiring Diagram - BMW Z3M Roadster - Becker indianapolis PRO + Alpine 3553 Amp

    Good Afternoon All! I'm Jean-François, French guy from Lille, brand new on this forum. I've got a BMW Z3M Roadster that I bought used. It was already a Home made HiFi system installed. I bought a becker indianapolis PRO autoradio and installation was made by the vendor. My sound is poor...