1. Lowlacs

    Why all the hate for AudioPipe/ VVme?

    Knowing full well the bashing Im liable to take after this post, I will write on.... Recently I read about a mystery sub on eb*y. Unfortunatly I did not get the headsup untill they had inflated their sub prices. I did however see that they offered two diff 1500 watt rms amps for less than...
  2. PHAT BOi

    PHATBOi's T.U.P - Skar Audio & VVME Build

    Started out with Audiopipe mids/highs on a Diesel Audio NS1600.2 and 2 VVME RD-12's on a VVME QA-D1500 but had problems with the VVME amp as it was damaged during shipping. Was already in the process of upgrading my highs amp to an SK85.4, so I went ahead and got an SK1500.1D to match. Also went...