1. J

    Alpine E series 10 inch amp match help!

    So, I am sure you guys have heard this story before on the threads, and I hope you do not mind it again:).... I have had a pair of Alpine E 10in subs for a couple of months now and love them! I was given an amp to get started. The amp that was given to me was Visonik VK1000. It is not a very...
  2. Driv3

    Visonik, question mark?

    Anyone ever deal with their amps? I know for a fact they're a very budget amp but taking that into consideration, good for the money? honest rms? over heating?
  3. A

    my subwoofers have no base when both left and right are plugged in

    Hello, my subwoofers in my jeep used to work just fine, i did some rewiring of the car and now when my 2 12in subwoofers are plugged in they dont have bass. they are in the same encloser and hooked up to the same amp, when i unplug one side from the headunit one of the speakers has bass, same...
  4. N

    need opinions!!

    i need help making a decision i have a 760 watt two channel pioneer amp originally had it bridged and hooked up to a jl audio 10 in sub. my friend was in need of cash so i bought two twelve in visonik subs in a ported enclosed box i dont know if i should sell the 12s and keep the ten or sell the...