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    Preventing cargo liner vibration without deadening subwoofer bass

    I have a cargo liner in my trunk that covers my subwoofer. (This is in a Wrangler with the Alpine sound system, so the subwoofer is built into the trunk floor.) For some frequencies the bass comes through great and there's no vibration, but for others the vibration it gives off is horrible and...
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    Which of these materials will deaden vibration the best in my Sedan Accord?

    I am looking at two sound/vibration deadening materials to install into my 2008 Honda Accord Sedan. One is the 80mil foil with butyl based mega mastic material. Smaller area cover per sheet. The other is Grey PE closed-cell foam 157mil material. Much cheaper and the cover area would do my entire...
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    More specific amp mounting locations

    Usually in the threads i read about amp locations, people just say "in the trunk" or "under the front seat". After looking around my car, there is no room under the front seat, and, other than the plastic floor, there are no flat surfaces in my trunk big enough for my amp. just for kicks i tried...