Which of these materials will deaden vibration the best in my Sedan Accord?

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I am looking at two sound/vibration deadening materials to install into my 2008 Honda Accord Sedan. One is the 80mil foil with butyl based mega mastic material. Smaller area cover per sheet. The other is Grey PE closed-cell foam 157mil material. Much cheaper and the cover area would do my entire car (the areas needed) in one purchase.

Besides the obvious, "You get what you pay for " in terms of price and materials. I do not have a high power bass system. Just a small 10" Pioneer Premier 1000w to a 800w 2-ch boss amp @ 4ohm. W/ 4x - 6 3/4" Pioneer full range speakers (300w front door, 350w rear deck)

But the trim in my car (especially the package tray) would rattle with just the stock system in it. I am wanting to just stop the **** vibration that to me is extremely annoying. I want to purchase the cheaper material just because of the budget I am on, but if it isn't going to do what I want, then will purchase the higher end product. Can anyone give me sound solid device?

Will the plastic larger area material do what I need just fine?

More expensive material: http://www.ebay.com/itm/251811592289

Cheaper Material: http://www.ebay.com/itm/261752197535

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