1. mrpep

    design help for 2 SKAR SDR 15"s in a ported tuned to 33hz.

    So According to Skar I need 3.75 c/ft. each sub and that's 7.5 c/ft. for both. The sub displacement is .875 each so 1.75 for both. So 9.25 c/ft. box, am I correct? I am also looking for 32 / 33hz. I have a box design of : 38w x 26d x 16h = 9.15 c/ft. Now I need a port. Can someone help me...
  2. Deleted User

    20hz-20khz on a budget. Critics welcomed.

    Not everything is pictured, like the Infinity MX20 I installed in the coin tray and the ashtray, or the JBL GTO19T in an empty button slot and center console, both of which are running on deck power from the Alpine UTE73BT as an add on because the Rockfords were inefficient. Just didnt want the...
  3. G

    "Design Questions for 10" Sundown SA in awkward ported enclosure"

    Hi, this is my first post on this forum and was hoping to get some help in designing my first ported sub enclosure. I have built boxes for subs before but I usually just followed the manufacturers suggested design, this time around I am in a tighter space so I have been stuck with the task of...
  4. I

    2 12's vented, or single 12 4th order BP?

    I've been out of the game for about 10 years now, but used to do some competitions and build stereos for friends. So I'm trying to relearn what I used to know, and possibly expand my horizons a little with some new stuff. As the title states I'm considering a couple options for my 2006 Subaru...
  5. C

    audiopipe 15's with apsm1300

    I have an audiopipe 15" with the APSM1300, which is 600 watts rms at 2 ohms, and the sub is 500 watts at 2 ohms. SO now that we know i'm not underpowering it, will I need to have a ported box to make this loud? I dont need it to break my mirror off or anything, but i want it to be fairly loud...
  6. D

    Box for single Alpine SWR 1043D

    Hey all, I just got into the Subwoofer department with a single Alpine SWR 1043D running on an Alpine M500/1. I just ran all the wiring in my car and I'm waiting to build my box. Here is where I needed a little advice. I want to tune the box to 32-34hz to get a good range of benefits from the...