sub clipping

  1. T

    Slam when parked, clip when driving

    Me and a buddy just installed a Skar 12 into my 2017 Terrain. Tuned it while parked using an extremely bass heavy song, got it absolutely slamming at 30 volume and I planned to keep that as my max. Then hopped on the road drove around listening to music and that same song made my Lc2i line...
  2. bs199sg

    Sub Clipping

    Hi all, my 2 Pioneer champion pro (TSW3003D4) subs are clipping a lot. This mostly happens when I really turn up the volume. However, the subs output 4000watt total. What I hear is definitely isn't 4000watts. I am using a Hifonics Colossus Pro 5k. The subs are wired up at 2 ohms each. My...