sub amp

  1. npal_77

    Sub amp issues

    Hey everyone, So I just recently switched my sub and amp to a car I just bought. It's a 05 Acura TL, which has a stereo that's difficult to remove and retain all channels/speakers. I tapped the stock subwoofer remote wire, ran that and my power to the back, tapped the stock sub's signal and ran...
  2. natmaned88

    Need a few things

    I'm in the market for a alpine mrp-m500 kicker cvr 12 dual 2 also a pair or alpine 6x9's and a pair of alpine 6.5's or 4 alpine 6.5's let me know what you have also looking for a alpine flip out I have cash or trade like alpine mrp-m450 alpine cda-9880 with iPod cord sony CD player with iPod...
  3. C

    2000 mercury mystique-first ever custom install and need advice

    I am installing a system from front to back and need some advice. Its a 2000 mercury mystique(trunk car) and I'm not completely ignorant at this stuff just don't know some of the more intricate details. I will list what I have and have done then what I think I need to get and do. From there is...
  4. K

    Ford f250 2005 sub and amp help

    I have a 4door ford f250 2005 and I'm wanting to get two subs behind the back seat and have Amps I'm new to this I don't know what to get what's good?
  5. Peggle

    Quick Question, Need Advice

    So people of the Internet, For those of you that know, you may remember that apparently I blew my amp because all it does is beat like a heart with the amp in protection mode... I'm back to get some advice on getting a new amp... Here's the link for the amp I'm looking at SPL GLA1-6000D 6000W...
  6. D

    Wiring a home theatre Sub to a car stereo system

    Hi, Im new to this, Ill try n be as elaborate as possible. Car Radio - Kenwood f-MD7 (has 4x45w + amp out RCAs) Car Speakers - Pioneer (4 speakers of 45W each) Home theatre sub - Cambridge (the sub itself just reads 12V has an EXTERNAL power adapter that reads Output: 12v DC...
  7. Peggle

    LOC help

    Hello all, Sorry about being nooby (as this is my first system) but I'm in a bit of a spot... I have a strick budget so I can't get a new head unit because I own a mustang with a shaker 500 system and the wiring harness is over $100! This leaves me with my stock radio. I want to add 2 12"...
  8. B

    autoteck street machine1 1500 amp

    looking to buy autoteck sm 1 1500 today new or used in good shape
  9. R

    Two 12 Inch Subs and Amp for <500

    I would like a pair of 12 inch sub-woofers, and an amp that accommodates them for less than 500 bucks. I would prefer the sub-woofers to be more crisp, and cleaner, instead of just really loud if possible. Any suggestions would be welcomed, along with links of course.
  10. V

    What Amp to get?

    I currently have 2 Polk Audio db521 speakers with a sony cdx-gt540ui receiver and polk audio dxi 124SVC. I'm look to power my sub with a mono amp or 2 channel amp, but I dont know which to pick from. My budget for the amp is up to $200. I am currently looking at the Kenwood Kac-9105D, Kenwood...
  11. heydes

    new sub amp suggestions

    i been in the market for a new sub amp. i have two 12' jl w3v3 4 ohms i was running them at 2 ohms. with Kenwood Kac-9104d 1800max it sounded OK. i bought a MEMPHIS BELLE 16-MCD1000 and ended up selling my Kac-9104d before getting the memphis. i installed the belle but the amp wouldn't leave...
  12. PRIVATEpastry

    Directed Audio 1100D *Broken*

    Haven't shown my face around here for a while, kinda straying away from car stereo systems (I have new hobbies now). Ref's are in signature. Item(s) for Sale: Directed 1100D Mono Amp Item(s) Description/Condition: Used, a little scratched up here and there. Something is wrong with the RCA...