sound problem.

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    2001 chrysler concorde i(nfinity sound) no sound from hu

    i have a 2001 Chrysler Concorde i want to to put a aftermarket radio in i wired everything correct well i thought i had but when i went for power there was no sound now the car has infiniti sound so it has the braided ground wire that was screwed in the back of stock stereo and i read that, that...
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    Intermittent sound from 3 out of 4 speakers

    I have a 2004 Subaru Legacy wagon with a pioneer head unit that is 4.5 years old with factory speakers. I have made no changes to the system or setup, but earlier this week only my front left speaker was working. I parked my car and when I started it later, all speakers were working again. A...
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    Sound Problems

    where to start....... I have 4 12" hifonics 300rms on 2 box 2 caps 12v battery 2 amps #1 Insignia 350 or 600 Idk i got it from a friend and he got it from someone and dont know what is is.#2 mtx thunder 502 125W x 2 kinwood KDC-MP45U Pix are added system was tweaked and worked on for the...