shutting off

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    Amplifier flashes protect when the bass hits and shuts off ! Please Help !

    I have a single 12" Adire audio Brahama DVC running at 2 ohms (4 ohms per coil) that is being powered by a Kicker ZX 500.1, tied to a Boss 20 Farad Cap, 4 gauge wires all around (not sure). "I can provide some pictures if needed" Unfortunately, my amp shuts off when I play my music a little...
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    Subwoofers are shutting off even at low base and volume output, please help.

    I just got 2 1400W pioneer subs and a 2500W amp installed in my car. The subs are 4ohms and they wired it to make it 1ohm to get maximum power output. Well, 15 minutes down the road, at the level they tuned the system at(base and subwoofer levels(-6)) it shut off when i changed the song. i stop...