sealed enclosure

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    Need enclosure advice. JLw1 to JLw3

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    COMPLETED Rare 6.5 ID components in sealed enclosures 4ohm

    This are a one of a kind pair of components in high quality 0.25 ft enclosures. The mids have poly cones, no phase plugs, and super beefy magnets. The midbass on these things are impressive. The mids are coupled with CX crossovers and my favorite NX30 tweeters. The enclosures are well-made and...
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    Sealed Enclosure Question

    I'm in need of some help... I am attempting to complete a box build that I took over from someone else. Before I did anything, I did the math and made sure the design fit the specs and dimensions for the intended subs. It is a somewhat basic sealed box for 2 Kicker Comp VR 12's. The box itself...
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    Sealed Enclosure Question

    Hey guys, I'm making my first ever sub enclosure for 2 10" subs and I'm wondering how accurate I need to be to manufacturers suggestion. -Manufacturer says I need 0.65 cu ft for each sub in a sealed enclosure. -The displacement of each sub is 0.052 cu ft. -I'm using 3/4 MDF -The box I'm...