1. J

    Front door speakers don’t play

    I have an 05 Scion tC. It has a factory anp. I installed subs and an amp, and a new head unit. Also new pioneer speakers in the front doors but they do not play and are wired to head unit correctly. I’m pretty good with this stuff, so do I need to wire them to factory amp as well or bypass it or...
  2. G

    Poor Wiring is now my problem HELP!!

    I bought a 2007 scion Tc that has an aftermarket Pioneer HU installed and I wanted to replace it with a newer Kenwood HU. The previous owner had payed for an install of an amp and 2 subs which sound great. When I swapped the 2 radios I am unable to get the amp and sub to power on. I am assuming...
  3. C

    2 Zv3 15's in a Scion TC all COMPLETE!

    All done. All installed. All ready to go. Sounds incredible, gets nasty low, and finally the woofers have all the space they need to do what they do best. 6.9 cubes net. Tuned to 33.8 hz. 96 square inches of port and 21 inches long. Running off of an SAZ3500 at 1 ohm. D3100 in the back...
  4. bigdwiz

    FS: 2011 Scion Alpine Premium Touch Screen Head Unit

    Item(s) for Sale: 2011 "Premium" Alpine Touch Screen Head Unit from a 2011 Scion Tc Model # on front: AXCL-W09U Model # on sticker: PT545-0111 Item(s) Description/Condition: Model # on front: AXCL-W09U Model # on sticker: PT545-0111 Per Scion: The Alpine Premium Audio System delivers 340...
  5. 07sciontc

    07 scion tc help with system wires

    im doing a full system in my scion tc dyno mat and ill have a nav tough screen with a 4 chanul amp running about 75 to 100 watts per chanel and a mono block at about 3000 rms give or take 500 im planning on doing the big three and running all 0 gauge for big 3 and amps i need to know should i...
  6. Why So Cereal?

    Help!!! Scion TC FI Q 18

    here's the deal. i have a FI Q 18 in about 5 cubes sealed in my scion tc. running off of a Cadence Dakota 2400 maxx...1200 rms @ 1 ohm amp. Today we metered it and I got about 138.9 dbs...which isnt horrible but definitely isnt good. I want to get to around 150dbs. Someone suggest a bass...
  7. the hatch goes BOOM!

    the hatch goes BOOM!

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