radio problems

  1. BirdBirb

    Speakers crackle when the engine is running

    I have some cheap but functional aftermarket speakers from Walmart and a cheap touch screen head unit found online so i'm honestly not sure the brands. But i have a 2001 ford explorer sport trac and ever since i put the radio in i have had the issue where the speakers crackle with the music or...
  2. H

    Radio fuse blows instantly

    I have a 2015 malibu I installed kicker speakers and amp now my touch screen doesn't work and radio fuse blows instantly I have triple checked all my wires no shorts to be found is it possible I blew the radio ?
  3. T

    Car amplifier help

    Hi. My sister just gave me an amp and a sub for my car about a month ago. I bought the necessary supplies to put it in. I have done this once before for my friend and it worked perfectly. I set it all up, turned it on , and nothing. The amp was stuck in protection mode. I just bought a new amp...
  4. A

    Static and music still playing while radio sound is off

    My spl sid 8900 radio when you turn the sound all the way off you can hear static and a little bit of music need help
  5. J

    amp interfering with radio

    just wondering if there is any way that an amp could interfere with radio frequencies? i have a rockford fosgate t1500-1tb amp pushing t 12 inch spl splw12's and whenever i kick the amp on from my remote it drowns the radio to sound like water being pushed through the speakers. its ran in a 2003...
  6. M

    It's on....It's off.....It's on?? What's up with that?

    Oh great and mighty radio problem trouble shooters. I have a 2003 Dodge Grand Caravan (yeah, it's a minivan!... well my wife's baby anyway!) with factory components. The problem: I start the car, back out of the driveway and take off down the road not 100ft and the radio shuts off. I push...