1. 350zkid

    Pyle Blue Wave 15"s

    1. Product: Pyle Blue Wave PLW154 2. Specs: Pyle PLBW154 Blue Wave 15" Woofer 3. Description/Condition: New in Box 4. Price: : $125 shipped 5. Pictures: (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your username/date if you have less than 10 positive feedbacks with the...
  2. T

    Audio Cuts in and out on AM/FM Ideas?

    I just bought a new Pyle PLDN74BTI. I installed it in my 2004 Chevy Suburban. Everything works great until I try to listen to the Radio (Am/FM). When I switch over to that the audio randomly cuts in and out. It will stop doing this if I access the settings menu, but as soon as it times out...
  3. L

    What do I need to run 6.5 in 300W Mid-Bass woofers?

    I have almost no experience with car audio, so please don't talk technical, help me out by explaining and using links. I ordered some PYLE PLG64 6.5 in 300W Mid-Bass woofers - I know they're cheap, but because I know little I figure they are a good start. They'll be mounted in the rear mounts...
  4. O

    Pyle Plam2300 protect light comes on?????

    I have a pyle plam2300 amp and when hooked up right the protect(red) light comes on. I have a thick and good ground. It has a 40 fuse in it now. The inside of the amp is all clean and shiny and nothin looks fried. Please help!!!!
  5. system comin soon =]

    system comin soon =]