1. keep_hope_alive

    Zapco ST-6X DSP amplifier review - no input gain!

    Over the past two weeks I have both installed and uninstalled the Zapco ST-6X DSP six channel amplifier. My access to the amplifier is due to my having installed it (and a companion Zapco ST-2000xmII) in a friend’s car, only to remove it six days later. I’ll try to keep this review objective...
  2. Louisiana_CRX

    Rare NOS Pioneer DEQ7600 Equalizer

    Item(s) for Sale: Pioneer Equalizer DSP Item(s) Description/Condition: New condition old school Pioneer DEQ 7600 Equalizer sound processor ..Spectrum display Price: $600 shipped CONUS Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: Included CONUS top 5 iTrader on site Item Pictures:
  3. Louisiana_CRX

    Rare KOVE Audio Aphex Processor

    Item(s) for Sale: Ultra Rare KOVE Audio Aphex processor Item(s) Description/Condition: Brand new never used or abused rare KOVE Audio half din Aphex processor ..this is sorta like an Audio Control Epicenter and ESP II built into one will bring out your sound like never before...
  4. K

    DB Drive Euphora processor?

    Does anyone have any experience with the DB Drive Euphoria EDSP31 ? Looking to add a processor to my system. or any suggestions on another processor ?
  5. Eggroll

    LC2i is having probs.

    My current LOC is an LC2i, and I'm looking for a replacement. What is a better and recommended LOC? Or processor?
  6. Special_K_1999

    JBL MS-8 Processor

    For Sale: JBL MS-8 Sound Processor (refurb) - still in box. Plans changed and I'm using an alpine processor instead. Price: $225 + Actual shipping - I'll pack for free.
  7. C

    Wtb: Alpine era-g320

    Looking for a 100% funtional unit, will be able to pay 100 to 150 for it. Thx!
  8. Joseph7195

    Cadence Processor/Crossover with Time Alignment. WTT/WTS

    Cadence CVL2XR Specifications: • THD&N: • Input Range for 9V Output: 0.2v – 9V • Output Impedance: 100 Ohm • Input Impedance: 30 kOhm • SNR, A-weighted: 83dB • Combined Frequency Response: 10Hz – 53 kHz • Separation: >60dB • Channel Balance: • Delay Variation: 0 – 300° • HP and...
  9. Joseph7195

    3Sixty.2 mint, and everything to run it.

    Item(s) for Sale: Rockford Fosgate 3Sixty.2 V.2 Mint Item(s) Description/Condition: This sale is for my 3Sixty.2 V2 with the upgraded bluetooth chip and all accessories to run it(if you're running it with Pre-out. Included is: 3Sixty.2 unit bass knob with case (new) bass knob without...
  10. C

    Any Recomendations???

    I've been thinking about adding some sort of sound processor or equalizer to my system. I have a Power Acoustik MOFO 15 and i was wondering what would make the bass cleaner, but not deeper. I only plan to use it for my 15 and not my door speakers. I'm looking for cleaner bass and more options to...
  11. J

    F/S Barely Used JBL MS-8 $500 Inc/Shipping

    Item(s) for Sale: One barely used JBL MS-8 Item(s) Description/Condition: I have to list this item as used because I did install it and play with it. It was installed for a total of four weeks but only run for two of them because I decided to go back to my original setup after a week and...
  12. Louisiana_CRX

    SOLD FS/FT Very Rare nice JBL GTP4

    A lot of people have probably never seen this very rare JBL GTP4 Image enhancer...this will help adjust the width and height of your car audio system giving you the ultimate experience in imaging and staging...creating a virtual center ch. ...This is an item that may never be seen again...It...
  13. S

    SOLD BNIB JBL MS-8 Processor

    Offer Removed...
  14. Audio Comtrol

    Audio Comtrol

    The heart of the sound