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    Hey, This is my first post. looking for some insight on how to troubleshoot some popping and crackling across all volume levels on all Brand new aftermarket speakers. I've attached an image so you can see my system layout. popping/crackling started after installing aftermarket speakers...
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    HELP! Subs crackling bad

    Hey. I've had 2 Pioneer 10s (tsw-254r) on a Pioneer GMD-9601 amp for about 2 weeks. The subs were wired to 2 ohms when I had only had 2 of them and they sounded fine. The amp is rated for 800w rms @2 ohms. ( The subs are rated for 250w rms each) and I added 2 more of the same 10s so I have 4 10s...
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    HELP... new 3 1/2's and the passenger side pops every few bass thumps???

    we just installed 2 kenwood 12's,a kenwood amp, and 2 3 1/2's in the dash.. it sounds great at low volume but once i turn it up and its bangin the passenger side dash speaker pops with every few bass hits... anyone know what this could be? i have the dash speakers straight to the cd player not...