pontiac g6

  1. lipski24.ml

    LED lighting wiring questions 08 Pontiac G6

    I bought some led lights to put in my girlfriends car (08 Pontiac G6), the whole car is absolutely stock. No aftermarket anything. If possible, i wanted to wire them to the beat of the music, but I'm not exactly sure how. The lights have to be off a 12v power source, so i didn't know if i could...
  2. lipski24.ml

    Front Passenger Side Speaker Not working!!

    My girlfriend has an 08 Pontiac G6 and a couple months ago I realized that the front passenger side speaker would cut in and out. Then like last week, it just stopped working all together. But I'm almost positive both by 9's in the back deck work.. So I'm not sure what the deal is. I thought...