pioneer deh 80prs

  1. thatguy12

    trouble tuning pioneer deh 80 prs

    new to the forum but have been reading them for some time now. i just upgraded my headunit to the pioneer 80 prs and im having trouble tuning it. ive read the manual and know what most of settings are ( you can change so much) but no matter what i do or have it set at the bass has that bass...
  2. Nonten03

    Pioneer 80 PRS No sound problem in a 95 camaro.

    I hook up the new pioneer 80prs in my 95 camaro with a bose system and i'm getting no sound from any of my speakers. I was wondering do i need to un-hook the stock amp that came with the car? or would i just need a speacial adapter to set my gains on my amp? ( I would wheather not go this way...
  3. mylows10

    pioneer deh 80prs

    Item(s) for Sale: pioneer deh 80 prs Item(s) Description/Condition: BRAND NEW just taken out for pics 2 pieces available, when these are gone dont know when more will be available Price: 365 shipped firm Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: usps 3 day priority mail Item...