pioneer 80prs

  1. B

    Equipment choice/setup/wiring help

    Hey Guys, so I've got a bit of a dilemma on my hands. For my custom car audio install, which is almost entirely planned out already and I really don't want to change too much at this stage, I want to use the Alpine PXA-H800 DSP in its 5.1ch mode. The thing is that I want to drive it from a...
  2. Chevy Blazin'

    Pioneer 80 PRS

    Item(s) for Sale: As the title states Item(s) Description/Condition: It's about 4 months old and its in excellent condition 9/10 cosmetically and mechanically and comes with everything that it was purchased with new. Price: 225 shipped Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information...
  3. V

    Alpine CDE-178BT OR Pioneer 80PRS?

    hello guys,i am new on this forums. my Clarion Z785 died few days ago,and i am looking to upgrade it to a new HU. i cant decide between this two units: 1) Alpine CDE-178BT 2) Pioneer 80PRS? the difference is 70$ for me,the Alpine is cheaper. so does the pioneer worth it? i have 1 mono...