orion hcca

  1. Deon1818

    Switching up build need opinion

    My brother is always telling me to quit messing around and get an orion hcca15, they're weight on amazon is 82 pounds and they're $450, but I think 2 Sq hdc315s would sound better. Similar price right now on sale for 2.But I dont much care for taking up the whole rear end of my tahoe. I have...
  2. natmaned88

    3 hcca 15.2 for

    2 brand new never seen power 1 used but still in great shape basket painted black all are 15.2 looking to trade for ?? Or cash offers work too
  3. E

    Orion hcca 12

    If you have one for sale PM me! looking for a 12"
  4. W

    [RECONE] Orion HCCA 10.4

    I am looking for the absolute best price I can get for one (and possibly two if the price is right) Orion HCCA 10.4 re-cone kit. Notice I am asking for FOUR Ohm not two! ---I did some research on Orion and saw that they only supply these types of products to official stores (lame), one store...
  5. T

    FOR SALE: orion hcca d5000 amp with hcca 12.2 subwoofer in box

    Item(s) for Sale: hcca d5000 amp, hcca 12.2 subwoofer in box, soundstream 5 farad battery capacitor Item(s) Description/Condition: amp is mint. speaker is in perfect working condition as well as the battery cap. pictures on request Price: 825.00 looking to sell system whole Shipping and...
  6. thatguy12

    orion hcca worth the hype?

    is the orion hcca worth it. im almost finsihed with a fresh build when all of a sudden the subwoofer ive always wanted appears on craigslist for decent price. there very rare in my area. in peoples general opinion would it be worth to pick up a hcca 15.2 and put the soundowns in storage for...
  7. H

    Orion HCCA 15

    I have an orion hcca 15 with 12 guage wire hooked up to it. I want to get the most of the sub i can. Do you think 10 guage will make a big difference? thnx, Cody
  8. IshbOO

    FS: Orion HCCA-D2400 Amp 2400w

    Item(s) for Sale: Orion HCCA-D2400 Amp 2400w Item(s) Description/Condition: This is a discontinued amp. You can find these brand new for 400$ on ebay. I never ran this amp at 1 ohm. I had it running at 2 ohms to 1 15 inch sub. Sounded awesome. Never had any problems with this amp...
  9. O

    wwb o/s orion amp

    wwb o/s Orion amp/s nothing needing a bridge module. 1200rms@2 ohm preferably thanks
  10. J

    I need more bump, recommendations

    Ok, so first off,I am new. Here's what I got. 2 JL Audio W3 15s. (15w3d4) in sealed box. 1.91 cubic ft/chamber 1 Power Acoustik Bamf 2000 Mono 8 Gauge from battery to amp. This was my starter system, and it just isnt enough! I really wanted to go with one Orion HCCA 12.4.. I could get one...
  11. Orion HCCA 250 G4

    Orion HCCA 250 G4

    My Orion HCCA 250 G4