1. Wingman0121

    Omega Deville Coaxial Escapement wristwatch

    1. Product: *I think it is a replica?* Omega Deville Coaxial Escapement wristwatch in new condition. Buying an Omega Coaxial-anything watch from a dealer is about $3000 or more. 2. Specs: Doesn't use a battery, you can either wind it up with the sideknob or the natural motion of the arm...
  2. B

    Omega Bass Tube

    Hi my names Geoff and Im new too the forum. a friend of mine got a pretty big Omega bass tube thing from a deal...he showed it to me and i was like uhh your missing some wire dude. If any one has seen a Bazooka or any bass tube almost there is a wiring harness that goes in to the back to wire...
  3. Andrew12

    Cascade Designs Omega 12" D2

    Item(s) for Sale: 12" Cascade Designs Omega D2. The dustcap is missing but doesn't affect the performance. Sub is dusty from my trunk. This thing is an absolute monster for a 12" but I need money to buy crack so this needs to go. Only selling if the amp sells as well. Item(s)...
  4. my_stealth21

    SOLD Cascade Designs Omega 12'' D2

    Here is the baddest sub I've owned as many of you know these things are beast no doubt. It is in great condition no rubs, scratches, or anything like that. Rated at 2000 RMS but will take alot more if the power is clean in the right box. 210 + shipping.
  5. Cascade Designs Omega 12

    Cascade Designs Omega 12

    First set of Omega 12's tested :)