ohms explained

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    2 ohms or 8 ohms what's best for me?

    I have 2 10 inch JL subs (10WXv2-4), and a Kenwood KAC-8105D amplifier and it shows two different ways to wire and it is really confusing me.. So first what amount of ohms will be better for me? And what ever one you prefer can you please show me a diagram on how to wire it? Thanks
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    Understanding Ohms and Amp channels.. HELP!

    Okay i just wanna know how wrong i am here... If I'm looking to get 2 12 inch subs that run at 300 RMS dual voice 2 ohms, i want to get a 2 channel amp that runs at 300 RMS at 2 Ohms.. so then each channel gets 300RMS and/or a 4 channel amp at 2 Ohms that runs 150 RMS each channel then bridge...