1. adrum96

    Obsidian Audio Motor & Basket

    Item(s) for Sale: Obsidian Audio 15'' Basket and Motor Item(s) Description/Condition: I have had this sub sitting in my basement for quite some time and I have recently come to the realization that I am probably never going to get around to fixing it. EDIT This is actually a V1. There are two...
  2. Freeman

    obsidian 12" spl cone

    ^^^^^^^^^ anybody got one. yea yea ik they sell them just seeing if any of you guys have one sitting around. my sub decided that 1300W daily is not guna happen.
  3. VazzVenom

    Upgrade from an Obsidian 15?

    Hi guys. This is my first post on this forum. I've been lurking for a while but have never gotten around to posting. I've learned so much in my short time in the car audio world from this site. I'd like to thank anyone that has unknowingly helped me through my first small build. Anyways, my...
  4. basswiigee

    FS: 2x 12 obsidian v2 d2 12's

    Item(s) for Sale: ^^^^^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: 9/10 see pics... Price: 240 plus shipping Shipping and Miscellaneous Item Information: on buyer Item Pictures: Obsidian 12s V2 D2 Photos by basswiigee74 | Photobucket (List pictures in this section, 1st picture should be your...
  5. basswiigee

    extra clean obsidian v2 d2 12's....

    i'm looking to get one beastly 12!!!!! but open to whatever..... i want to run a VFL120.1 on it so if it can't handle it don't offer!!! lol http://s1319.photobucket.com/user/basswiigee74/library/obsidian%2012s%20v2%20d2 got them in trade from this...
  6. adrum96

    Obsidian 15 recone kit

    I recently blew my obsidian 15, which makes me quite sad . Does anyone know if obsidian makes a recone kit for their subwoofers? Or are there any recone kits that fit an obsidian 15? Thanks
  7. R

    4 15s 4th order

    im trying to wrap my head around how to build a 4th order box, but it seems the more i read the more im second guessing things. my question where do i start on designing a box, what factors do i need to consider? i have 24 cubic feet to work with before woofer, bracing, and port displacement...
  8. willfordbrimlee

    3 Obsidian Audio 15's

    Thinking about running 3 obsidian audio 15's and was wondering how much power you guys think should be ran to them, since they are conservatively rated for 600 watts a piece?
  9. NoKings

    Obsidian 12-D4 @ 1000 rms daily?

    I acquired my Obsidian Audio D4 12" (all OA had at the time I ordered it:uhoh:) a few days ago and have Kicker ZX 1000.1 I want to push it with. I am thinking from the reading I've been doing this may get it warmer than I would like. I guess my question is has anyone had any problems with a...
  10. Tbsh

    Sundown Sa 12 vs. Obsidian 12 vs. Skar vvx 12

    Okay so im going to be doing a new build since I just got some extra money:). So between these 3 subwoofers what is the main diffrenece? If I run any of these subs(2) they will be in a trunk setup with about 4.1-4.3 cubes tuned at 31 Hz. Powered by a MB Quart Onyx 1500D. With the given room and...
  11. Mr.meyhem

    What u guys think? Custom obsidian decal.

    Thinking bout putting something else in place of the 15. but i have an oa 15 so thats all i could think of. Any suggestions? (gonna be a 32" rear window decal)
  12. Mr.meyhem

    2 sa 15's. vs. one obsidian. 15 d4

    I bought an apsm 1300 and a 4 gauge wiring kit. I am building a ported box tuned to 27 hrtz. And putting in an obsidian 15" d4. I'm am deciding between this set up or 2 sa 15's. On the same 4 gauge wiring and amp. This is if the subs will fit in my 09 civic lx. I'm planning to take out...
  13. FrisbieT

    1 Obsidian 15 VS 2 type r 12s

    Im probably going to get a crescendo BC2000D and im wondering if i should get the type r's or the obsidian 15