motorcycle amp

  1. Doxquzme

    FOR SALE Soundigital EVOPS 800.4 Factory Refurb like new $275 shipped Cont US

    Bought this with the hopes of using it on the last DSP channel rear fill. Decided needed something that has a bit more in the way of electronic x-over options. Found me a Helix M SIX that fits the need so this unit is now available. Bench tested, factory refurbished unit, 9/10 only due to slight...
  2. M

    Small space needing bass

    Ok 1st let me get this out the way. I know absolutely nothing about car audio but fast in learning. Now I have a gsxr 1000 I'm currently running 4 Jbl Gto 3.5 on the front of my bike. In the rear I'm running 1 Rockford fosgate 6.5 using a Rockford fosgate T4004xad 4 channel amp Now although...
  3. E

    small mp3 amp for muscle car resto

    Hey Everyone, brand new to the forum, and have a quick question about an amp to use in my car. I'm doing a frame of restoration on a '69 Chevelle, and am working on the music situation now. I'm thinking that a small mp3 amp would work well because I don't really care about having fm radio, a...