monte carlo

  1. Navy1527

    Getting back into the game after almost 15 years

    I've out of the car audio game for almost 15 years. My last system was in a 2002 Grand Prix. I just picked up a 2002 Monte Carlo LS for my daily driver. I wanted to do a budget build and see how loud I can get with 10's ( never had them) so I deiced to go with Skar audio. I use to run DD back...
  2. R

    Need help on what to get!

    I was wondering what i needed to install my pioneer deh-150mp aftermarket stereo in my 2002 Monte Carlo SS. I have my own amp and wont be using the stock amp. It has OnStar but i dont use it and dont need it. I have everything besides the wiring harness or kit to hook up my aftermarket stereo to...
  3. F

    95 Monte Carlo battery won't hold charge

    I'm putting a system in a 95 Monte Carlo and the battery will not maintain charge after running and turning car off. I'm running from the battery to amp then to speakers. My remote wiring is hooked up correctly and still won't maintain charge. Any suggestions?
  4. S

    Four 15's!!!

    I have a 78 monte carlo lookin to put 4 15's in the trunk but am not certain what kind to put. I dont want huge 15's like hcca's because the magnet is too big for this installation. Lookin for subs around 600-700 watts rms each. I need them to hit the lows like crazy!!! Any good recommendations?
  5. MonteOnRoids


    My baby