1. AudioDonBigBass

    COMPLETED 3 - 275amp Iraggi Alternator Chevy 4.3 5.3 6.0

    3 - Custom Powder Coated Blue / Metallic Iraggi 275amp. Used not sure of the Working Condition. Fits 96-07 Gm Chevy Buick Cadillac . Surbuban, Silverado, H2 Hummer, GMC Sierra, Etc. Sold as is. Offers are Welcomed. Cosmetic - 8 out of 10 Mechanical - Unsure Thanks...
  2. BassHead50008

    New Mechman alternator 240a

    So I have the big three done in my car. Setup diagram is: 1. Power wire alternator to battery 2. Negative wire to chassis of car 3. Wire Motor block to chassis (layered factory wire) so on the new alternator there is a positive and negative to the battery. Do I need to change the negative to...
  3. A

    Mechman Alternator in 05 Civic help

    I have a Mechman S Series 6 phase 240 amp alternator for 1.7L Civic , Been trying to install it but I am having issues. I can get it installed but it bottoms out on the AC compressor and only gives me less then an inch to play with on the tensioner for the alternator/ Ac belt ( serp belt ). I...
  4. adulbrich

    Cool GM voltage regulator

    Wish I had seen this before I bought my voltage regulators. For people who have older GM alternators and want to change their voltage set point, check these out. They're pretty cool!
  5. O

    Mechman or Singer?

    Looking to upgrade my alt. Which would you choose and why? Mechman 240a S Series or Singer 250a?
  6. BamaBoy334

    COMPLETED 240A Alternator (Dodge Charger/Magnum Chrystler 300: 2.7L 2005-2010)

    240 Amp Mechman Alternator Dodge Charger/Magnum Chrystler 300: 2.7L 2005-2010 It says "245 amps" on the tag that came with it so it may be 245 amps instead. This is New and Unused. Bought Back in Nov. 2013 to use when I returned home from Afghanistan. Deciding to sell everything I have to...
  7. TheJesus

    FS: Mechman 320A (fits Dodge 3.5L)

    1. Product: Mechman 320A fits Dodge 3.5L V6 2. Specs: 320A Rated 168A @ 800 RPM 321A @ 1800 RPM Fits 3.5L V6 Dodge/Chrysler/Jeep engines (05-up I believe) 3. Description/Condition: Been on a 2010 SXT Charger 3.5L V6 for less than 2 months, like new basically. I would recommend...
  8. B

    Mechman 270 Amp Alternator for 1996-2001 5.0 Explorers/Mountaineers

    Item(s) for Sale: Mechman Alternator still works fantastic. This thing is an absolute monster and is in perfect shape. Item(s) Description/Condition: I am selling this on ebay with a 30 day money back guarantee. For some reason it wont let me post a url but if you search ebay for mechman 270...
  9. x91evo

    Mechman 320A, Transpo adjustable Regulator, XS power D1400

    Feedback avaliable from other forums, PM me for the links as, hyperlinking a thread on here will put it on a waiting list for the admin. (which my previous forsale threads still have not been reviewed.) Check my other forsale threads, - 2 18" Mmatts Juggernauts - Memphis Mojo 4000 Item(s)...

    Mechman is now offering the triple alternator bracket kit!!!

    Item(s) for Sale: Our Triple Alternator Bracket is now AVAILABLE!!! We are now taking orders for these bad boys. Pricing is listed as follows: 1996- 2000 GM Truck and SUV with 5.7L Engine ONLY Includes Suburban, Tahoe, Yukon, Escalade, Full Size Blazer, Silverado and Sierra "Idle-Max"...

    Deals galore at Mechman Alternators!!! Overstock sale while supplies last

    Item(s) for Sale: Alternators for several applications are available now from Mechman Alternators! We are offering many discounted alternators from ecotec engines, to LS, to various domestic applications. Price: Alternators start as low as $349 for 240amp models!!! Shipping and...

    Ho alternator for vw golf, jetta, passat,

    Hey guys! We are excited to be sharing with you yet another innovation from Mechman. We now offer a 6 phase billet alternator for 1996 - 2006 Volkswagens. Our applications include 1.8L Turbo and 4 cylinder engines, Jettas, and VR6's. Smaller, lighter, and more efficient, our new Billet units...
  13. I

    Wtb ho altenator

    Need a old school chevy, bolts at 6 and 12 I think its a cs130 case doesn't need to be a huge output. Are the any vendors having a Christmas sale ?