mb quart amp

  1. F

    MB Quart RA2000.1 Amp Review

    Review of Amplifier: As a prelude to this, I have to say I got this amp kind of out of frustration after dealing with my other amps. My DD M2B blew twice within a day. First brand new, then right after repair. Got an older refurbished planet audio, which performed well for some months and then...
  2. F

    Which is better?

    my two options right now are a alpine PDX 4.100 or a MB Quart ONX 4.125 both about the same price. they are going to power my mids which are 100rms. i usaully like a bit of overkill, but i can get the pdx for what i would consider a steal at $170. any opinions on which might sound better?
  3. Guyver

    MB Quart ONX 1.1500d any good?

    How well does this amp perform at 1ohm and does it do what it is rated? Also, anyone know anything about the new Hifonics BRZ line?
  4. Somchine13

    12 inch Fi q and MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp

    NOOB HERE!!! Would a single 12 inch Fi Q be okay powering by a MB Quart ONX1.1500D amp? Also, this is going in a 09 Camry and do I have to do any elect. upgrades?