1. Mr FaceCaser

    Having a problem

    So right now I have my LPF set to I belive its 50hz definitely not higher (hard to tell bc it goes from 40hz to like 1khz) but for some reason it still plays 80hz I was gonna up it to 80 but I don't want it playing over 80 witch it still does I have the sundown SIA 3500d amp.
  2. N


    Hey all, I am kinda new to the technical things of car audio. I recently put 4 10” R2D4 rockfords running out at 2 ohms in a sealed box to a JBL A1000 amp. I’m curious as where I should set my LPF. I have my gain set at about 44 volts. The subs frequency response are 45-250 hz with sensitivity...
  3. M

    Low Pass Filter

    Hi all, I recently got a subwoofer fitted in my small car. It is a JBL CS1214 in a sealed box, with a JBL A3001 amplifier. The subwoofer is rated at 250W RMS while the amplifier is rated at 300W RMS. I have not upgraded the car speakers. The problem is, I cannot get a good level of bass and...
  4. T

    LPF Help - can't turn off amp or headunit LPF

    Hey guys, I have a JVC KD-R730BT head unit and a Hifonics BRZ1200.1D. I have my head unit LPF settings (55,85,120) with no off setting, and my amp's LPF settings (I believe 50-210) with no off setting. Anyway, I want the sub to roll off around 80-100Hz, but I have a filter coming from both...
  5. bluemarvin3030

    really need help, I truly value you guys' advice

    Need help with lpf settings. H/u is pioneer avh x5600 bhs, amp is alpine mrv-m500. Unfortunately I don't know as much about car audio as I would like to believe. Lpf settings available on both h/u and amp. Cannot turn "off" either one. What to do in this situation. I have read not to use both...