1. Kevin Persaud


    Which would be a louder sub? Audiopipe 4 stack or a sundown u12 v1 ?
  2. C

    More sound

    I have 5.5 in alpine sps 610 door speakers with Kenwood ddx774bh unit. I've done all the basic things to make speakers louder. Will tuning the crossover help?
  3. L

    What would be louder?! please help.

    hey i have a toyota tacoma single cab and i was wondering if 4 sundown sa 8 v2's would be louder than two RE MT 12's... i know the 12's have more cone area... but i am running a Digital designs m3a amp at a half either way... please help!! looking to be loud and do hairtricks;)
  4. G

    What type of wiring will make my sub louder?

    I have a JL Audio 12w1v2-4 running off of a Rockford Fosgate P300-1. Right now, i have positive to positive, negative to negative. On the amp, the wires are bridged. What can i switch around and move to make the sub louder and have more power? Thanks in advance!!!