kicker cvr

  1. K

    I have 2 12 in audiopipe eyecandy 1600 watt

    hey I have 2 12 in audiopipe eye candy subs, 1600 watt max. I had 2 12 inch kicker 03 cvr's that i sold to get these audiopipe subs, i was just wondering what everyone thinks about these subs and if they are any good or if i should just sell them. I have them hooked up to a 1500 watt audiopipe...
  2. A

    Coil fried or..?

    I have a Kicker Cvr 12" 4 ohm, wired to a kenwood 600 watt amp but ever since I've had the sub I've tried wiring it down to a 2 ohm load, every time I try to, it begins to do a "heart beat" distortion and end up wiring it back in a series, 8 ohm load. This sub was brand new and is only 2-3...
  3. SilentAssasin

    What to upgrade to!?!?

    Hey guys, had a couple questions regarding my system. I currently only have 2 12" kicker cvrs in my yukon denali. I know i have TONS of room for improvement! I am just not very pleased with the spl im getting in my big suv with these lil guys! I know this will bring up ALOT of different...
  4. trunk