kicker 2 12" sub

  1. WhereMyExWifeAt?

    Series & Parallel wiring on 2 kicker comps Rs and 2 kicker CVRs (i think). 3k watt sundown amp. Planet audio capacitor. 1 box

    So I have had 2 sets if kickers in two separate boxes for sometime now. Recently I got a guitar amp with four 12 inch speakers that I converted and took the wiring out to put in my four subwoofers. At first I did parallel wiring and now I have series going two and too. Since the kicker comp rs...
  2. R

    Two 12" kicker comp subs question.

    Can someone please tell me if this set up is good ? I have my two kicker 12" 4 ohm svc comp subs in a sealed box hooked up to a boss riot r1100m mono amp 2 ohm stable and the speakers are wired in parallel to end with a 2 ohm , But I feel like there not performing that well , is there anything...