kenwood kac-8401

  1. B

    DUMB DUMB needs help please with Amp draining battery!

    Greetings. I have little to no knowledge of car audio. Just loud music. I have an old Kenwood 640W KAC-8401 (2003) in my 'vintage' (1994) yellow Mustang. Anyways, it's draining my car battery every night so I actually have to pull the fuse after driving. Any thoughts please? Works fine...
  2. Joseph7195

    WTT Kenwood Amp for 10" Sub

    Looking to trade a Kenwood Kac-8401 for a 10" Sub (preferably nothing generic, Kicker, Fosgate,, ect) This amp was very rarely used, It's my back-up amp. I will pay shipping the amp to you, and you will pay to ship the sub to me. Just something straight up, no cash exchanges please. I need a...