kenwood amp

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    Noob needs help with new system and compatibility

    So I have a 2001 mustang with the mach 460 system. I know that it runs on 8- ohms and needs to be rewired with new amps to get after market speakers to work. I'm looking at purchasing a Kenwood kac-8406 4 channel amp that puts out 900 wats max. I want to hook up my two pairs of 6x8 kicker...
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    Subwoofers not working ugh!

    Car Setup 2 Sundown SA-8 D2 (each wired to 2 ohms) Kenwood KAC-9105D 1800 watt amp w/ 4 gauge wiring kit Alpine CDE 121 HU Here is my issue. Amp shows it is receiving power but the subs are not on. I know this could be many different issues, but I believe this is a loose RCA cable in the...
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    i have 2 jl audio 12" w3's running off of a kenwood 1800 watt amp, bridged inside of the box. i dont know if it is the amp or subs but when the subs hit its not deep as it should be they are moving but no air is coming out of the port... what could be causing this?
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    2 channel amp , 2 subwoofers 4 ohms help! ! ! ! !

    Well im having trouble with this setup , i had it connected , bridged. the positive to the positive , negative to the negative. They came in a factory box already connected. But im having trouble , everything was fine , was bumpin for awhile like an hour , then it just shut off. Now every 10mins...