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    I NEED HELP! Three JL 12W7’s or Two JL 13W7’s?

    I just paid a **** load of money for a system to be custom built/installed in my Tahoe. I bought 3 JL Audio 12W7’s…Each powered with their own JL XD1000/1 Amp. Of course I bought some highs and got another little amp for them, Two extra batteries, Etc…My question is which is the better setup...
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    What do you guys think

    Hello I'm new to te forum and want to know what you guys think of my setup and equipment. I'm currently trying to build the worlds loudest Scion FR-S. This is what I purchased so far. - head unit - kenwood video in dash - doors focal k2p Rx 6.5 inch component speakers front and back - 4...