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  1. L

    In need of help concerning jl audio system! 13.5 w7 and component what amps to run!

    So basically I'm an audio enthusiast and I'm in love with quality sound and bass.. I used to have an old system back in high school two 12 Kenwood tornados and some cheap Kenwood speakers to boot.. anyway it hit hard but sound quality and good bass definitely lacked.. now them I'm older and make...
  2. E

    BLOWN JL 12W7 for sale

    Okay guys I'm selling my Blown JL 12W7, and if you guys know about JL these are repairable for 280$ which includes shipping there and back I am wanting to get rid of it because I have a ORION HCCA. Without shipping I am wanting 250$ PM for contact information
  3. Tshaffe

    Sub rattling at high volume

    I have a JL w7 10 and when I turn it up it makes a really loud rattling noise. When it is at a low volume it sounds fine. Is it maybe tinsel lead or something? Or is the sub about to blow.. Someone help me out
  4. Tshaffe

    Best amp for a JL 10 W7

    I need to get a new amp for my 10 w7. I want to get a good high quality SQ amp. It will need to run somewhere around 600-1000 at 3 ohms. I would like to keep it under $200. Used is completely fine with me. Was going to get a jl 500/1 but I don't think it'll be enough for it. I like brands such...
  5. Tshaffe

    How do i fix crack in JL W7?

    I have a jl 10w7 that had a crack in it when I purchased it (really cheap so it's okay). And I'm thinking I should put some sort of epoxy to prevent it from getting worse.. I heard goop works good? But it depends on the material I also heard? Sonicelectronix website says woofer composition is...
  6. Tshaffe

    JL W7 10 or RE SXX

    I have a w7 10 and a sxx 10 in a custom box. I just have a Hifonics 1000.1d right now so it's not a very good amp. Can't decide to make a box for the w7 and use it with the Hifonics or the RE with it or a different amp.. Or I'm thinking maybe get a used jl 500/1 with the w7. I want good sq but I...
  7. Tshaffe

    How do I fix crack in JL W7 dustcap!!??

    I have a jl audio w7 10 and it has a crack in the dust cap. I don't know how it got there it was like that when I bought it.(it's okay it was super cheap). How do I fix it? Some sort of epoxy..? Let me know!
  8. C

    13w7 advice

    I just bought a jl 13w7 off a friend and am thinking about matching it to my memphis 16pr1.1000. I want to wire the sub in parallel which cuts its 1.5 impedence down to about .75. obviously the memphis is not rated to a will I kill my sub or amp doing this? thanks a bunch guys, I really need...
  9. H

    Wtb jl w7

    Looking for 2 10s or a 13.5. Preferably ae. Let me know what you have thanks
  10. M

    Ascendant Audio Havoc 12" 2.7 cubic ft. ported box, tuned at 34Hz

    Item(s) for Sale: Ascendant Audio Havoc 12" in a custom 2.7 cubic ft. ported box, tuned at 34Hz. It's dual 2ohm as all havocs are. Our forum member Imtjnotu designed and helped build the box around half a year ago and I'm only selling it because my car got totaled... Also have a matching...
  11. D


    Item(s) for Sale: JLW712 have the Jl box but might cost too much to ship with the huge box. Item(s) Description/Condition: Cosmetically 7/10 Mechanically 10/10 It got about a half inch hole in the cone but i patched it up with silicone. Works perfect just looks kinda beat up with the...
  12. J

    Need help with my kicker 1000.1

    Hey guys I've had my kicker hooked up to my jl w7 for about 3weeks now and it's worked perfect until last night when the sub was barely on. Now even if I turn my sub level all the way up it isn't nearly as loud as before. I've redone my sub wiring and amp wiring with no luck. The protect light...
  13. quest51210

    SOLD Boston G5 10" w/Passive Radiator G510RS

    $250 shipped retails for $500+shipping, kid on the way so its gotta go G510RS - Boston Acoustics Sealed Subwoofer Box w/10" G510-44 only pics at the moment
  14. help with box

    help with box

    help with box
  15. Last Goodbyes..

    Last Goodbyes..

    Goodbye R, so long w7, buenos noches ED, its time for a new beginning!
  16. Fiber glass trunk

    Fiber glass trunk