jl 13w7

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    COMPLETED Absolute Complete Sound System for SUV’s

    SUV Sound System: Head Unit: Kenwood Excelon Full Multimedia System Front Speakers: One Pair of Focal K2 Power ES 165 KX2 6.5 Components Rear Doors: One Pair of Focal K2 Power EC 165 K 6.5 Coaxial Rear Deck: Two Pair of Focal 690 AC 6x9” Coaxial Subwoofers: Three 13W7AE-D1.5 Subwoofers...
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    JL HD 1200/1 with JL 13w7 Settings and Wiring HELP!!

    Hi, New to all this but have gone out and bought the following for my E46 BMW. JL HD 1200/1 JL HD 600/4 JL C5 650 JL C5 C50x JVC KDAVX-77 In regards to the 1200/1 and the Sub. Does any one know how I should wire the voice coils? I think my installer put a positive from the amp going to...
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    jl 13w7 for trade or sale

    Item(s) for Sale: JL 13w7 Item(s) Description/Condition: used but in near perfect condition. this could easily pass for new Price: Looking for a trade for another very high end system. complete or just subs. if just the subs then they have to be wired to 1 ohm and play well at 1000 watts...