1. B

    iPad head unit setup

    With regards to using an iPad mini as a head unit to play high res audio and other music what exactly is needed to make this work? Is a sound processor necessary?
  2. S

    replacing factory deck with ipad

    hello, i'm trying to find some good set up/build info to use my ipad pro as my Jeep's head unit (music/video, streaming, waze, camera feeds, hands-free etc). i tried to search the general, and a couple of specific forums, but keep getting the same error and zero results... i've found a couple...
  3. X

    Advice for iPhone ipad centric setup

    I've got an old classic car, with a din size hole down low near the gear shift and a massive gap between the centre console and the dash. My life is ipad iPhone centric, and I don't like learning all the complexities of some complex stereo, so it seems sensible to use the massive gap in the car...
  4. S

    iPad 32GB Black Wifi

    Item(s) for Sale: Apple iPad 32GB Black WiFi Free 2 Piece Hybrid Case Item(s) Description/Condition: It's an iPad 2........................ Just as great as the day i bought it physically and performance wise. 10/10 Performance 9.99/10 Condition(might be a fingerprint on it). Price: $410...
  5. LuckyatVMI

    Win an iPad2 by simply reviewing a product @ VMInnovations.com

    Not sure if everyone follows us on Facebook (you should ) but we recently posted this: Every product review written on our site VMInnovations = lowest prices on car audio, will automatically be entered for a chance to win an iPad 2 & VMInnovations gift cards valued at $150! No...
  6. B

    Eastern North Carolina Audio Shop

    I'm looking to have some custom work done to my truck. I want my dash piece to be reworked with fiberglass to house an ipad. Any reccomendations on where to do business would be greatly appreciated.
  7. FurbiesAndBeans

    iPad 16GB Wifi

    Item(s) for Sale: Apple iPad 16GB Wifi Only Item(s) Description/Condition: Like new, not a single scratch. Comes with a pink silicon case. Also comes with everything original including the box and *if i can find it* the receipt. Price: $375 SHIPPED OBO SOLD Also no trades at the moment...