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    Hardwiring an inverter into an audio system circuit?

    Whenever I can get my hands on a 2022 Subaru BRZ, I plan on installing a custom audio system before I drive it from sea to shining sea next summer (moving from New Hampshire to Arizona). I would like to hardwire an inverter inside, to have that added security and convenience for the trip (and...
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    Capacitor Question (amp, inverter, dist. block)

    Okay here is the scenario. I am starting a build next month. I’m doing this one for a family member and they have a conversion van because my family member recently became handicapped.  They love a decent sound system seems to be a genetic thing haha, anyway all this started with a need for 120...
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    Inverter/Generator?? Will this sustain power for stereo and Rooftop A/C?

    I have a 1998 Ford E-150 with a stock 130 Amp Alternator -Red Top Main Starting Battery -Battery isolator 2xYellow Top Optima Batteries in parrallel For stereo and amps: from battery bank to 2 farad cap 1 x 1000w pioneer amps 1 x 500w pioneer amp Proposal for Rooftop A/C: from battery...
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    Inverter noise? What can be done?

    Hei Guys! I am basically building a party rig in the back of a van and i need some help. I have 2x 140ah batteries in parallel connection giving me 280 Ah max. from that i am running: 2x12 dual Comp S Kicker running from Pioneer GM-D9601 2x12 dual Comp S Kicker running from Kicker 12CX600.1...
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    Power Inverter Questions

    Hey guys i'm just wondering if i plug a 300w inverter into the 12V outlet in my car will it kill my battery faster than a 140W inverter would? or does it only draw what it needs for the appliance plugged into it?