1. A

    Hiring in Norcross, GA - Sales & Service

    Arman's Car Audio has both sales and installs positions available at our location in Norcross, GA. The sales position would consist of answering the phone, working directly with customers to recommend products & services to fit their needs, issue receipts/invoices to customers, and help with...
  2. C

    A national network of remote start installers

    Hey Gang, I'm in the process of launching a product that let's you start your car with your phone (like the Viper SmartStart system but better), which will have internet-based sales, including the remote start and/or alarm systems that would pair up with the device. Ideally, I would like to...
  3. mysafeandsound

    Car Audio Jobs in Northern Virginia

    I think I'd have an easier time hiring rocket scientists than car audio installers. All you hobbyists, car audio might be a better career than you think. I'm running national ads everywhere, even Google ad-words and I'm getting very few results. If you're half decent you can just about name...