infinity kappa perfect

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    New setup! 2 12" bandpass box? Just looking for some info.

    So i just bought some used subs. JBL 1200.1 amp and 2 12" infinity perfects 12.1 in a bandpass box? the only thing im confused on is the ports are on the back chamber for the subs and they share a sealed compartment from the front firing side. I though bandpass boxes were suppose to be ported in...
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    Should I upgrade my amp? 2x Infinity Kappa Perfect 12.1s MTX thunder 6500D

    Hello, I have my old system from 2001 and I was looking to hook it up in my new car. The kappa perfects 12.1 (2 separate sealed q logic boxes) sounded really good while hooked up to the MTX Thunder 6500D running 250 RMS to each. The subs spec sheet says they can handle 350 RMS. Would this be a...