1. C

    Home Audio Help

    *I know that this is not car audio but its close enough* I need help. Hey, my name is Chris and I am looking to set-up car subwoofers in my home. Currently, I have left, right and center Polk Audio speakers which is all I need, and I am also running a Klipsch RPW10 along with it all connected...
  2. Ninesvnsicks

    15" Single 4 ohm, Dual 2 ohm or Dual 8 ohm Sub

    Hey everyone I'm looking for a sub to use for my dad's home stereo it will be running off a Dayton sa-240 amp which is 240 watts at 4 ohms. I'd love a dual 2 or dual 8 ohm but single would work as well. So far I'm looking at a dayton 15" classic for $107 but I'd like to see if I can get one...
  3. Ninesvnsicks

    Home / Live Audio Speakers?

    Ok so my dad has this nice Adcom GFA-545II amp in the basement but he has really crappy old speakers on it atm and he really just needs a decent set of speakers for it. I want to get him a couple of nice speakers for christmas maybe have my brothers go in on them so he can actually listen to...