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    Should this box work well for dual Skar VVXv3 10s?

    First of all, I'm new to this site, new to box building, and practically new to forums lol. I've read thousands but never interacted on them. This week I ordered 2 Skar VVX 10s. The specs call for 1.25 ft^3 sealed and 1.75^3 ported. Ported tuned to 34hz. I'm going to order a 2.5 cube sealed box...
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    2 12's sealed , or 3 10's , or 4 8's?

    Hey everyone , So my current setup is 1 SA 12 on 750 watts with the sound qubed q1-750 , I would be driving more watts but I cant unfortunately because of my battery. I have a 2.5 cu ft ported box tuned to 32 hz and it hist low pretty good I can feel the bass pretty good but I feel like it's not...