1. S

    Van - how to set up wireless speakers for Media Center PC

    Hi all, I hope I've come to the right place for some advice. I have a van that I would like to redo the video for. It came with a tube TV and a VCR. I am replacing the TV with a LCD monitor, and the VCR with a small PC running Windows 7 Media Center. This way I don't have to have a van full...
  2. LuckyatVMI

    Daily Steal: DJ Pro Headphones $10 shipped (retails for $20-$30)

    Just a heads up these Gemini DJX-03 are pretty good cans for 10 bucks shipped. Daily steal so expires today: Gemini DJX-03 Reversible Pro DJ Headphones : VMInnovations.com
  3. vApor21

    Selling Dr. Dre Beats Red SOLO HD

    Item(s) for Sale: Dr. Dre Beats Red Solo HD Headphones Item(s) Description/Condition: Condition: Picture shows for itself. Essentially no use whatsoever Comes with: - Dr. Dre Beats Red Solo HD Headphones - "Beats" Soft Case - Red Headphone Wire - "Monster" Red Cleaning Cloth Price...
  4. A

    What is needed?

    I am so far from being any type of car audio expert so please pardon my ignorance. I am working on a special project of my own. I am mounting a marine radio for a specific application on an airboat. Due to the ambient noise each rider will wear a corded headphone set. I am looking for specific...