1. jayhawkX

    Help to Identify 4 Slot Mini Fuse Block Under Dash

    I'm working on a friend's newly purchased '04 Cadillac CTS. The headlights will not turn on. Both highs and lows. I've replaced the bulbs, combo switch, relays, and fuses. I'm running the wiring now and I run into something that technically shouldn't be there. It's a 4 way mini fuse block. The...
  2. Only The Best

    FS dodge ram 1500 2005 OEM headlights

    Item(s) for Sale: ^^ Item(s) Description/Condition: they look pretty... just a little cloudy and minor scratches on one lens.. this also comes with 2 almost new slyvania top of the line lights. everything in the pic comes with the headlights Price: not really sure... throw me an offer...
  3. J

    Very Weird Deck VS Headlights Situation

    I am having a very weird situation with a deck i installed a few days ago. I bought a Pyle PLTS79BT 7-Inch Single DIN In-Dash Motorized Touch ScreenDVD deck (Regrets i know the name pyle says it all ...) But anyway other then the radio being a piece of junk everything works one hundred...