1. Mboyle1145

    any ideas ???

    I have a hdc312 dual 1 ohm and aq1200d i would only be able to run it at 2 ohms due to lack of electrical at this moment so the sub wouldnt be getting the full power it wants. So my question is should i get a aq220d to give it more power at 2 ohms or just get a hdc12 dual 2 ohm. or would the 2...
  2. Mboyle1145

    Wtb hdc312

    Loking to posibly buy or trade for a HDC312 dual 2 ohm. I have a brand new HDC312 dual 1 ohm and cant feed it enough power unless i run my amp at .5 ohm. Ill do it if i have to but would rather get the dual 2 ohm sub. willing to trade for the dual 1 ohm or buy the dual 2 ohm
  3. Mboyle1145

    Might have just got screwed can anyone help ??????????

    Well i just bought a brand new hdc312 and a aq1200d. i was told it was dual 2 ohms and i didnt bother to check and when i looked inot it it is actaully a dual 1 ohm sub. How can i wire it in order to get the max rms out of the aq1200d? is it even possible or did i just make a 250$ mistake
  4. C

    Can Some Help Design Me A Box (PLEASE)

    Trying to build a box for a HDC312 Subwoofer. want to tune it to 38hz and it going in a car so dont have much space. HELP PLEASE