fuse blowing

  1. Tylerrr01

    Blown and Melted Fuse Block

    For starters here is my setup Subwoofers: 2 10” Kicker Comp R’s 800 watts (peak) per sub 400 watts (rms) per sub Amp: Lanzar Heritage Amp 2000 watt 2-channel bridgeable Ran with a 9.5mm power wire which I believe is 4 gauge. So my issue is whenever I listen to music with the subs if I play...
  2. B

    Head unit keeps blowing fuses

    Hi everyone, I installed a cheap head unit ( unsure of the brand at the moment ) both in my wife’s car and mine. Everything worked fine for a little while in my 98 4runner and then one day all of a sudden there was just no power to the radio. I pulled the unit out and checked the 15 amp fuse...
  3. 0

    Connected 2 amps via distribution blocks, mono to subs blows fuses

    So I've had a Kenwood 1200W 4 channel running all my component speakers for about 2 years. Using a clarion vx401 head unit idk if that matters. Recently decided I needed bass in my life, so I bought a Rockford Fosgate Prime R2501D amp and 2 rockford r2 10 inch subs. The kenwood doesnt have...
  4. B

    Memphis MClass Amp issue

    So I own a Memphis MClass 500 Watt amp and the little light indicator comes on yellow and I'm not getting anything from my subs, turns out the yellow light means the onboard fuse is either open or blown, well now that I've got it narrowed down to that how do I go about fixing or replacing the...
  5. C

    New Head Unit Causes Fuse To Blow

    I recently purchased the Pioneer AVH-4400BH from Crutchfield and installed it in my 2008 Honda Accord LX-P. From what I know, I have installed it correctly using a wiring harness and a parking brake bypass. However, each time I turn the car on, the 7.5A fuse that controls the dash illumination...
  6. S

    fuse keeps blowing under driver side

    i have my system hooked up for over a year. the other day i turned my radio up n the fuse blown under the driver side. it takes 15a fuse n i put 3 other ones in and still blowing. the next day i put a 30a fuse in and that last for 3 hours and 30's are now blowing. i took the relay fuse for the...