fi sp4

  1. Justin braaapp

    WTT Sp4 for a front stage setup

    I'm willing to trade my fi sp4 15 fully loaded for a high end front stage setup with 6.5 components and an amp. Might need cash on top depending what you have but I'm really just trying to have a loud front stage and am over a sub that takes up my whole backseat. Pics coming asap. Let me know...
  2. Justin braaapp

    would this be an upgrade??

    I want to upgrade my current system which is an sp4 15 wired to 1 ohm on a crescendo bc 3500 and my electrical is up to par. I have a chance to get a second sp4 15 and I would be wired down to a half ohm on my 3500. My question is that someone told me that unless I upgrade my power I wont hear...
  3. Justin braaapp

    15 to an 18?

    currently I have a single 15 fi sp4 and might have chance to trade for a single sp4 18. my question is how much more can one 18 get down than a 15 and would it even be worth the trouble of building a new box and everything? Will it even be an audible difference? I really don't care about...
  4. Justin braaapp

    fi sp4 opinions?

    Hey guys I have a chance to get an sp4 15 for a pretty good deal. 400 bucks with 10 gauge wire for the sub, a run of 0 gauge wire, and two jbl 12's just for free (which I would obviously just sell on craigs) just wanted to know what you guys thought of the sp4? They look pretty well built and...
  5. L

    FI SP4, Crescendo, Shok, Mechman, Haritricks and more ... a Basshead from India !!

    I am very new for you folks on this forum and this might be my first thread here. I have been following this forum for quite some time now though and decided to post this first as my earlier build log and then will begin my current one. In India you usually don't see such kind of installs very...